Downtown Trivandrum, a mixed-use development is designed in a way that the components in the project work together seamlessly.
The SEZ office space of 2 million sq ft on a 10-acre parcel, is a walk away from the non-SEZ component, which consists of 850,000 sq ft world-class, regional-scale retail, entertainment, and hospitality experience mall, a 155 key hotel, 298 units of unique residences and a non-SEZ office space

Taurus Zentrum

Taurus Zentrum

700,000 square feet of retail, entertainment and dining. 

Asset Taurus Identity

Asset Taurus Identity

A 298 unit residential project

Taurus Yosemite


485,000 square feet of non-SEZ office space

Taurus Zentrum, Downtown Trivandrum

Business Hotel

155 key business-focused hotel 

ETTZ - Niagara

1 million square feet of leasable office space

ETTZ - Victoria

1 million square feet of leasable office space

The master plan consists of 2 components, the SEZ and the non-SEZ. Spread over an area of 21 acres, they compliment each other with the placement of each of the buildings.